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Hartmeyer Counseling Services, LLC

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I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my Masters of Human Relations (Counseling Emphasis) 1999.  I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology (Theology Minor) in 1995 at Oklahoma State University.  In 2001, I was licensed as an alcohol/drug counselor (LADC).  In 2002, I was  licensed as professional counselor (LPC) in Oklahoma.  Later in 2002, I opened my first counseling practice in Norman, OK (home of the University of Oklahoma).  I  eventually added a reciprocal license in Missouri in 2005, because at that time, I thought I might make a move to Kansas City upon meeting the woman who eventually became my wife.  I maintain all of my professional licenses by obtaining  continuing education units according to the law of each license's respective state of issue.

I find that a common source of stress in most people's lives are their financial matters.  Generally, counselors recognize this but very few have any actual professional training in financial matters.  In November of 2006, I became a financial advisor at Citi Smith Barney.  In 2008, Citigroup sold Smith Barney to Morgan Stanley during the Great Recession.  Upon Morgan's takeover, I left Smith Barney and the revival and evolution of my counseling practice as Hartmeyer Counseling Services, LLC began.  I gained valuable training and unique experience in retirement planning while at Smith Barney that very few licensed professional counselors ever develop.  In 2012, I decided to further develop financial planning skills and returned to school yet again.  I completed an MS in Finance in 2015 at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.  I see counseling clients on Tuesdays and Thursday by appointment only.